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Fun stuff to share…

Jordan, who blogs at The Wonderwheel and also happens to be a Speech-Language Pathologist, has created a new blog especially for families interested in all things communication.  Go here to check it out. Kristy Colvin, founder and president of the IMDSA, has … Continue reading

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More about speech

Mylie’s Mom asked these questions in the comments, and I thought they deserved a whole post of their own. She writes: Niksmom said, “Help your child find a way of communicating that is effective and let them develop from there.” … Continue reading

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My life is a circus

The boys are making a Circus in their bedroom. I’m not allowed inside until “showtime.” All I know is, it involves juggling (Carter), Avery in his lion suit, Bennett selling popcorn in brown paper bags (a nickel a piece), and … Continue reading

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Avery’s words

From a blog reader: Can I ask you a personal question? Did Avery lose speech he had or did it seem like he was on the way to talking but then got stalled?     You have shared on your blog that he … Continue reading

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Did you receive a prenatal DS diagnosis?

This is a message from Kori Shaw, creator of the Flourish Network for parents: Right now, I am completing my research for the Down Syndrome Affliates in Action (DSAIA) talk. I’ve been doing a benchmark study on what information and … Continue reading

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I did it again!

I changed my blog theme…I know, I know. A person could get dizzy with all the blog-theme changes I’ve been doing here, lately. Which is weird, for me. I’m not a person who rearranges furniture, or who switches the pictures … Continue reading

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Mamas making a difference

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Laura Shumaker’s book,  A Regular Guy:  Growing Up with Autism. a memoir about life with her autistic son, Matthew.  It’s an honest and open look at the struggle to obtain a diagnosis (which is something … Continue reading

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Could you use a little hope and love in the New Year?

Or maybe you want to see pictures of Tom and the kids? Maybe you’d like to hear my strange combination Midwest/Montana accent? If so, I share with you my new video:

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A happy birthday song

Yesterday was Carter’s birthday, he’s 10 years old already, much to everyone’s happiness and astonishment (where did the time go?!). The day was filled with all the usual birthday things: a plastic candle holder that plays “Happy Birthday to You” … Continue reading

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