I did it again!

I changed my blog theme…I know, I know. A person could get dizzy with all the blog-theme changes I’ve been doing here, lately. Which is weird, for me. I’m not a person who rearranges furniture, or who switches the pictures around. And I realize I’m in the minority here: most of you pick a theme and a look for your blog and stick with it.

So, what’s up?

I think it’s because this is the 1,000th day of low-hanging clouds and gray freezing rain and the dust bunnies in our house have been around so long, they all have names. I think it’s because changing my blog is a way to feel like I’m doing creative work, even if I’m really not. And I think I keep hoping a little change, maybe here, maybe there, will bring inspiration.

I’m gonna try and stick with this theme, for a while. It’s the very first one I began with, many moons ago. And the photo is one Conny Wenk sent me: I don’t know if I told you this story, but it’s why I love it so well–Conny was on a trip to Italy with Juliana, reading my book. She noticed the irony: in Holland (metaphor) and in Italy (real life) reading Road Map to Holland. She took a photo and shared it with me.

Tom and I had dreamed of going to Italy together–that was before twins, before preemies, before Down syndrome. And for a while, I thought that dream had ended. But Conny tells me the people in Italy are lovely, and have no trouble seeing past Down syndrome, to the heart of a child. So, I’m dreaming again….

And that’s what this header image does for me. It reminds me to keep dreaming.


19 thoughts on “I did it again!

  1. It’s real easy to forget to dream sometimes, so having a reminder such as this one is awesome! GOOD FOR YOU! I have not had a chance to check out your blog in a while…it was great to catch up:)
    Happy Belated New Year!

  2. i LOVE the look (i think i picked the same one, yes?)!!! and i LOVE the banner! what a wonderful picture. a few of my very favorite things: your book, travel, and coffee coffee coffee mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. I am so thankful of locating your blog. Your book was truly a blessing to me. You put in words the feelings I experienced and at times felt guilty for feeling. You were straightforward and honest. You captivated the first year of a mother’s life of a child with Down syndrome to a ‘T’. To you I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your book I have expressed to every organization and therapist I come across, “You must buy it and circulate it to whomever.”
    Much, much respect,

  4. Keep on dreaming. You know it’s on those cold dreary days that the dreams keep us going. 🙂 I hope the weather changes for you soon but I’m not sure when that will happen. Love the image header though. That’s a wonderful picture she took.

  5. Change is good; especially when it is a change you choose to make 😉

    Funny, I too thought my actual, desired, trip to Italy would never be once I learned John had Ds. When read in your book that you had similar feelings, I felt instantly connected.

    I refuse to give up on that dream. Awhile ago, I put a photo of tulips and Italian bread on my blog as a reminder that the two worlds to not need to be mutually exclusive. Maybe at one time they were, but not any more.

    If you decide to change your blog header again, keep this beautiful photo on your sidebar as a reminder, not only of the trip you will one day make, but of the beautiful trip you are on now–with all of your boys.

  6. I studied in Italy in Florence, when I was a junior. It was a fantastic experience. I love this photo—it’s evocative, tempting and inspirational. And right now, you’re reminding me that I need my morning coffee!

  7. I studied in Italy in Florence, when I was a junior. It was one a fantastic experience. I love this photo—it’s evocative, tempting and inspirational. And right now, you’re reminding me that I need my morning coffee!

  8. I have to agree w Conny, so far we have been to Italy twice with Vince. Of course it helps that it is only abouta 3 hour drive to Venice.
    If you go, let m know, we will come down and meet you for sure!

  9. You know where you can find me, should you ever decide you want a change, but are not sure what you want. I am more than willing to assist!

    One day you will go to Italy! Keep dreaming those dreams.

    love, love, love…. r

  10. I think the blog looks great. Must be in the air or something, because I changed my whole blog too.

    And Italy? I can only dream, but maybe one day. I hope you get there, and soon!

  11. I love the photo and the story behind the photo…

    When my daughter Vivian’s diagnosis (CHARGE Syndrome) was fresh, and I was a mess, I kept thinking “I’ll never see Mexico again.” Life is certainly not that dire anymore, and I savor the thought of sitting on a quiet beach with my little family one day.

    I appreciate your reminder to keep dreaming. I will dream of sunshine and blue skies for you!

  12. LOVE the NEW header!!!. I agree, making changes here and there can be exciting and inspiring, changes can also help us keep our dreams alive.
    I have been enjoying all your beautiful surprises, thank you so much for sharing and spreading the love!!!. 😀

  13. No matter the loof of the theme, I always find myself in familiar territory when I visit your blog!

    Keep dreaming, okay? Dreams CAN come TRUE!

    PS. I hear you loud and clear on the whole needing creativity in life, even if blog writing. Recently, I offered to sew a baby pouch and asian baby carrier for a friend who will soon be a grandmother. Gee, I’m so excited! Picking out fabrics this morning was like choosing colors on a painter’s palette!

  14. I love the new look and I can relate to the need for change. I changed my theme too!! Again!! For me, I think it’s the magazine training: redesign, redesign, redesign. Plus, I get bored with the same look day after day. (I do move the furniture. If it wasn’t so heavy, I’d move it more often…)

    Anyway, yes, keep dreaming. We have those too. I want my son to see the world and I want to see it with him. That’s one thing I will not ever let go of. Life is so much bigger than the backyard.

  15. This is a great reminder for ALL of us to keep dreaming. Dreams on hold are NOT the same as dreams GONE, right? 🙂

    I can *totally* relate to this: “…is a way to feel like I’m doing creative work, even if I’m really not.” LOL! That is exactly where I am today!

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