My life is a circus

The boys are making a Circus in their bedroom. I’m not allowed inside until “showtime.” All I know is, it involves juggling (Carter), Avery in his lion suit, Bennett selling popcorn in brown paper bags (a nickel a piece), and Bailey jumping through the hula hoop.

Wish us luck!!!


17 thoughts on “My life is a circus

  1. Thanks, everyone! The circus was truly wonderful and I even teared up a few times…seeing the boys working together so well, watching them try (so hard!) to put on a good show…even Bailey, the bad dog! They taught him a trick! He can now jump through the hula hoop on command.


  2. How rich and beautiful.

    Reminds me of my own childhood : ) One of my favourites was to open my own restaurant. I’d make hand-drawn menus for my parents and my brother and they’d have to choose something off the menu. I loved that they’d play along with it.

  3. Please share details about what you find out!!! That sounds like a very fun thing to do. We tried to take the kids to the circus last year. Sabrina was enchanted, Max got scared of the noise and crowds. We will try again someday!

  4. Oh my. How utterly delightful! Kind of reminds me of how my sisters and I (at roughly the same ages as your boys) would throw a blanket over our swingset to make a stage and put on plays for the neighborhood. Um, we had a neighbor actually pay us to stop coming to sell tickets; seems we were interrupting his naps on Sunday afternoons. LOL

    Hope yours is the “Greatest Show on Earth!”

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