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Avery’s heart

Every post I’ve written since this one is about more than whatever I’m writing about: it’s about coming to terms with the recent news we’ve had about Avery’s heart.

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No More Tears

I’ve been thinking about the past, lately, reviewing things in my mind, reliving our early days, from that shocking phone call from the pediatric cardiologist with the words, “Good news!  You won’t be life-flighted to Seattle for emergency surgery!” (Tom’s reply:  … Continue reading

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I love this!

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T21 Traveling Afghan

I’m a little bit late in posting this, but in case you haven’t heard, the amazing CJ of Little Miss E has created a fun way to connect families, spread joy, and increase DS awareness.  It’s called the T21 Traveling Afghan, and … Continue reading

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What about sibling relationships?

In the “Ask a question” thread over at the book discussion, Monica was wondering what I’d noticed regarding the impact of DS on sibling relationships.  I thought the question was an excellent one, and I wanted to share my … Continue reading

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Oven Fried Chicken

Um?  What can I say?  If you’re looking for a recipe calling for butter and white flour, a serve-it-with-mashed-potatoes-and-soak-it-all-in-gravy dinner that’s the epitome of comfort food (and it’s easy to make, too), then this is for you!

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My words, your words

I came across this computer generated list of words associated with my writing while I was working over at ParentDish. I find it odd, and compelling, and startlingly true.  It’s kind of like reading your horoscope and realizing, Oh!  That’s … Continue reading

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Writing, for me, has always been a way of understanding things—a way of recording the events, to play back to yourself later, when you feel safe enough to look at them closely. Writing is like the TiVo of life.

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Apparently, low self-esteem is not an issue

Me:  Bennett, what are you doing? Bennett:  Being handsome. Me:  Oh!  Yes, of course.

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A choice

The post about doctors has gotten me thinking (again) about the words we choose, and how they have the power to shape our feelings about a person, an event, or even a diagnosis. There’s an excellent post up at Bridget’s … Continue reading

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Reading, Recycling and Green Works Wipes

We don’t have a way of recycling in my community, so I do what I can on my own:  empty egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, plastic milk jugs all end up in the craft bin.  Glass jars are washed and … Continue reading

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Yes, no and maybe: about doctors

Here’s another comment I wanted to pull out for discussion–this one is from Ellen.

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