Reading, Recycling and Green Works Wipes

We don’t have a way of recycling in my community, so I do what I can on my own:  empty egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, plastic milk jugs all end up in the craft bin.  Glass jars are washed and reused for jam, or storing seeds, or buttons.  And the large-size yogurt containers?  Those are my favorites for freezing homemade soup stock.  Which is how I’ve come to have a half-dozen or so, in a tidy bunch on a shelf in my freezer. 

The other day, Avery pulled open the freezer, took out one of my soup containers, and handed it to me.  “Yo-yo,” he said, which is his word for yogurt. 

“Oh!  Avery, it’s not yogurt.  It’s soup stock.  Mommy put something different in the yogurt container.  I reused it.”

Avery went back to the freezer, took out another one, and handed it to me.  “Yo-yo?” he asked.

Again, I explained.  And again, and again, until all the yogurt containers from the freezer were on the kitchen floor, lids off, circles of frozen  stock dotting the space around us like a plague, or chicken pox.  Avery, dejected, gave up on his quest for yo-yo, chose an apple instead, and wandered off.

Me?  I felt terrible for the confusion (which I myself have had sometimes, too, when the reused yogurt containers are in the fridge and hold, say, last night’s leftover spaghetti sauce, or a tiny bit of uneaten macaroni and cheese), but I was also very, very happy…because this yogurt-container fiasco is a clear sign that Avery recognized them for what they once were, that he understood those particular containers (with the red lids and the loopy writing on the front) equal yogurt.  Which is an intelligent way of processing and storing information, and yes, it’s even a form of beginning reading.

Along those same environmentally-friendly lines, I’d promised Mom Central that if they sent me a sample of Green Works Wipes, I’d try them out and write about it here.  Well they did, and now I will:  I loved them!  One of the things we’re working on with the little boys is household skills, like picking up after themselves, folding laundry, and even cleaning.  The Green Works Wipes are a product I feel comfortable letting their little hands use.  The scent was pleasant, they were very handy, and I especially like the fact that they are supposed to go in the compost heap.  But since it’s winter in Montana, I won’t be able to tell you how that turned out until spring.

2 thoughts on “Reading, Recycling and Green Works Wipes

  1. What a huge bummer that there is no free recycling in your area 😦 😦

    BTW: I found you via Jordan’s blog. I’m a blogging Speech Pathologist like her 🙂

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