My words, your words

I came across this computer generated list of words associated with my writing while I was working over at ParentDish.

I find it odd, and compelling, and startlingly true.  It’s kind of like reading your horoscope and realizing, Oh!  That’s exactly right! 

Here, for you, my whole writing life, reduced to my most frequently used words:

address  avery  baby  bed  begin  beneath  bennett  blog  blue  book  boys  brother  carter  child  children  comments  confirmed  crayons  day  dog  doll  dont  email  eye  family  feel  happy  house  husband  kids  kitchen  learn  life  link  live  love  make  mom  mother  parents  password  plastic  puppy  read  remember  rock  sad  simply  sleep  snow  son  syndrome  things  time  tom  toy  twin  walk  wintertime  words   

What does your list looks like?  What words do you use most often? If you want to find out, go here.


4 thoughts on “My words, your words

  1. OK, that is so random, I just posted today about Wordle, which does a composite based on commonly-used blog words. It is pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

    1. Lisa, I’m sorry it took me so long to answer…just go down toward the bottom of the page and there’s a link to the program. Plus, lots of other stuff on the site is pretty cool, too. Not that I should be finding more things to do on the Internet, or anything…


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