How did this happen?

This is the longest interval between posts here at Pinwheels since I began scribbling down my notes and thoughts more than 2 years ago.  I want to say I don’t know how this could have happened, but really, I already know the answer.

In the past few weeks, I’ve broken almost all of my own writing rules, and now I’m feeling the reprocussions.  It all began with one, small, good thing:  Tom got a new job.  He began working for a ranch about 3 hours from our home, and we originally thought he might commute, and come home on the weekends. 

But that didn’t work.

So the kids and I moved to the ranch in bits and pieces, getting acclimated to this new place and slowly letting go of our home of 10 years at the same time.  And while all this was happening, I broke my own personal writing rules. 

I always tell aspiring writers that we need to make a physical space in our lives for our writing, even if it’s just a corner in a local coffee shop.  And next, we need to put it on the calendar, make it part of the routine, right along with laundry and dentist appointments and grocery shopping and exercising and all the things we do to help keep ourselves and our families moving forward.  It counts, and it needs to go on the list.

I didn’t do these things.   And as a result, I began to notice that I wasn’t writing at my blog, or in my notebooks, or even, returning emails.  Everything had ground to a hault.

And I was sad!  So sad, and I didn’t even realize it was because the thing that I most needed to do for myself, even more than moisturize around my eyes or stretch before walking or taking a multivitamin each morning, had disappeared from my new life.

Now that I understand what’s missing, I plan to correct it.  And I hope you’ll be with me for the ride:  I have so many things to say, and so many words to catch up on.


24 thoughts on “How did this happen?

  1. Love your blog and book, moving is hard I remember our move 6 years ago! Looking forward to reading your blog(Carol , mom to Hannah , age 3)

  2. Welcome back, Jen! I missed you and your birthday too — I hope it was great. Look forward to hearing more about your new home. Have fun settling in.

  3. I”m glad you are back, and can totally relate to that feeling – that if you’re not writing, something’s missing feeling.

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve a break especially during such a time of transition.

    We’ll be here eagerly awaiting your always lovely words.

    I really like the new photo on your banner, btw.

    I hope Avery is doing well…and healthy and that you are all able to have some good family time together.

  5. Glad you’re still there, although in a new place. I feel anxious when I don’t write/blog for more than a few days. Looking forward to get caught up with all that’s new in your world.

  6. we missed you and are glad to hear things are beginning to normalize again. can’t wait to read more of your thoughts.

    all my love…

  7. I’m so happy to know you’re back. I missed your writing. Congratulations on Joe’s new job and your new home! Making change is one of life’s biggest challenges, I think!

  8. I’m riding this bronc til it (you) throws me off and tramples me! 😉 Good luck to Tom in the new job and I can’t wait to read about your new adventures.

  9. Wow- what a huge transition you’re going through! It’s perfectly understandable that it slipped away- it’ll come back. It’s always there just waiting for you- that’s the beauty of reflective activities. It’s great to hear from you and know everything is okay!

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