Things we love

The days are getting shorter and the air, especially at night, has a new chill to it, which is a long way of saying,  it feels like fall!

Things we’re loving at our house right now: French toast with real maple syryp, Richard Scarry books, Goosie cards, BOB books, garden tomatoes, the reprintable resources from DSFOC,  Melissa and Doug’s play food set, this pretend clock, this zucchini bread, and fresh eggs from this chicken (now all grown up!).

What do you love, at your house?


15 thoughts on “Things we love

  1. Melissa & Doug alphabet train 10 foot long (but thin!) thick cardboard puzzle

    Sisters music piano recorder flute

  2. the best broccoli of your life:

    the Elote recipe in this months Cooks Illustrated

    dance and swim classes starting up for Zuzu

    easy smiles and giggles from The Quail

    Momma Zen-

    Catherine and her Donute cake-

    Word Girl on PBS

    Writing in my blog-

  3. I’m doing my french toast now with plum butter and greek yogurt, but I think I do need some maple syrup. 🙂 Just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know I think of you often. Hope all is well!

  4. Hmmm…

    •the feel of felted wool sweaters
    •colourful embroidery thread
    •Gabe wearing a hoodie in the frosty mornings
    •purple leaves from our backyard Mayflower tree collecting on the green grass
    •Gabe telling his Daddy on the phone, “I love you.” without prompting
    •singing “In A House” from the Family, Feelings & Fun DVD by Signing Time
    •potato & leek homemade soup

  5. We are loving the smell of a new baby in the house. I am watching my new niece.. I wish you could bottle that smell up so you could always smell it!!!

  6. Hi Jennifer! You sound like a wonderful person with a wonderful family! We are so glad to hear you enjoy playing with our products.
    Our very best wishes to you.
    Melissa and Doug

  7. autumn decorations

    Eric Carle books

    cooler weather

    chasing each other


    yogurt (Benjamin)

    Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights (Andrew and me)

    swimming, biking, running (Matthew)

    thirtysomething reruns (me )

    the book of Genesis (Matthew and me)

    getting braver and taking more steps in a row (Benjamin)


  8. Seeing the incredible progress Nik is making. It seems almost overnight that the little boy who couldn’t sit up or hold himself upright in a chair is now climbing rock walls and play structures and growing like a weed.

  9. The huge grins on both boys’ faces at the end of the first week back at school – and all the great stuff in their folders. Love seeing them learning and enjoying it!

  10. The sound of the frogs and toads at night [knowing soon they will head off for a long winters night]…. apples ripe from the tree, and baked in a crisp………Emma Sage’s nightly pile of books……the Internet and how I can [see and talk] to my daughter at college…….field hockey and a little girl who is all smiles playing…..and long walks along the gorge.

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