Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

3-21 is World Down Syndrome Day, because of the significance of the numbers (3 for a trisomy, 21 for the 21st chromosomal pair where the trisomy occurs in T-21, or Down syndrome).  And in honor of my family’s connection to T-21, here’s a list of 21 things we love about Avery:

  1. He’s a snappy dresser.  Especially, he likes bow ties.
  2. His favorite food is shrimp.
  3. He loves to draw.
  4. He loves to play Xbox, particularly football.
  5. He has a guitar and he makes up beautiful songs.
  6. When we sit down to dinner, after the prayer, he gives a little toast in which he says nice things about everyone at the table.  Things like, “You’re a nice guy,” or “You’re a good friend,” or “You’re a good brother.”
  7. He always sets the table for dinner.
  8. He likes to go camping.
  9. He likes to stay in hotels, particularly ones with room service.
  10. He loves Dr. Pepper.
  11. He’s very deliberate in his actions.
  12. He doesn’t lie.
  13. He notices when people need a hug, or a pat on the back, or encouragement, and he gives it freely.
  14. He likes to have long chats about his future.
  15. He changes what he wants to do in his life often.  He has no problem with change.
  16. He believes everything is possible.
  17. He says “thank you” about a hundred times a day.
  18. He loves animals, especially Sam, our dog.
  19. He has no trouble asking for help.
  20. He has no trouble giving help.
  21. When he laughs, it’s a whole-body laugh, and it’s contagious.



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