Happy Saturday Night

Right now, all three boys are home and I can hear them upstairs, laughing about something that would probably take too long for them to explain to me for it to still be funny.  Something about computers, maybe a game, who really knows?  All that matters to me is the beautiful sound of their laughter, trickling down the stairs.  It’s something I don’t want to forget.

Happy Saturday night, to you and yours, wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “Happy Saturday Night

  1. Hi my new friend! I will DM you! Thanks for being in touch!

  2. Hi Jennifer! My twins will be 2 in June! I was given your book when they were born. I wasn’t ready to read it then, but here I am trying to reach you after starting it… our stories start out very very similar. Just trying to connect with another twin mama who gets it😊 take care! Michelle

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