Just do one thing.

I’ve been in a funk lately, it seems, for so long. Not myself, not able to do the things that make me happy, which makes me more not myself, and downward we go.

I was reading an article online (I know, how did I think this would help?) and it was about depression. It said if your living space was messy (yes), if you weren’t doing the things you love (yes), if you’d given up on self care (yes), maybe you are depressed.

Too many yeses. The sun came out for a tiny minute today, and by some grace I had the idea and the strength to clean up my closet. And that lead me to clean up my kitchen, and then the best thing of all, to write.

So I’m saying, if you can find one small thing to do to begin, just try! And, that’s enough for today. Truly, that’s enough. Be well my friends!


By jennifergg

I am a writer, a reader and a chaser-afterer of my blue dog Sam. Pinwheels is my blog about life with Down syndrome.

2 replies on “Just do one thing.”

Totally agree! Some days one small task is all you can manage – and that’s ok because you know that you tried and managed at least 1 thing. A clean kitchen sink always works magic for me – even if the benches are still messy 🤪

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