I was a wife first, then a mother.  I was a writer all along.

When my first baby was 18 months old, and we were mostly beyond sleepless-ness and all-I-do-is-feed, I began to poke my head up and wonder, What do others think about this parenthood thing?

If I had known about blogging, I would have become a blogger .  But I didn’t, so I worked instead on a collection of writing by moms and dads about parenthood.  The poems and essays became a book, called My Heart’s First Steps:  Writings that Celebrate the Gifts of Parenthood.  The good folks at Adams Media published it (you might know them from their “Everything Guide” series, or the “Cup of Comfort” series) and with the exception of becoming a mom, it was the biggest kick of my life.

A few years later, I wanted to write again, about my second pregnancy, which my husband Tom and I had wished for, prayed for, it was our dream.  And I suppose there begins the story–watch out for wishes.  In every way, that pregnancy was unexpected:  One baby became two; the babies arrived at 33 weeks; we were introduced to the world of preemies and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  And also, to life with special needs.   The book is my memoir, Road Map to Holland, (NAL/Penguin).

I don’t know how my kids will feel about me writing about them (a subject that comes up a lot); I don’t know when I will learn to use a camera (something I’ve been wishing for a while); or where this is all going.

But I’m so grateful you’re here.  Some of my best friends are bloggers, a fact I’m proud to share.