Why Pinwheels?


Pinwheels make me think of Avery.  When he was just a little guy, pinwheels were his favorite.  And because he loved them so much, I loved them too. 

Avery is my second son, a fraternal twin, born early on the first Sunday in June. At 5 days old, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Avery is 17, now.  At least once a day, he calls me “beautiful mom.”  I don’t  know where he learned it, or why he says it, but I’ve come to think of it as all part of the mystery of Avery–how lucky I am to have the words “beautiful mom” as a regular addition to my days, how lucky I am to see pinwheels everywhere (if you look, they are there!), and how lucky I am to have Avery in my life.

Thanks for being here!