Why pinwheels?


Pinwheels make me think of Avery. When the breeze picks up and they begin to spin, catching colors from the sky, reflecting the sun, the colors of the garden, the fading tulips and the lilacs just in bloom, I remember Avery when he was 2. He could watch a pinwheel for hours, but of course the wind never lasted that long. Avery is my second son, a fraternal twin, born early on the first Sunday in June. At 5 days old, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Avery is 7, now. He loves to play dress-up and some days, we have as many as five costume changes before lunch. His favorites are all action figures: Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, the Avatar. But he doesn’t need a jet pack, or a mask, or water bending skills, for me. He’s already my super hero, just as he is.