And now we are 6

This is what six-years-old looks like at our house. And if you’re wondering why there are 12 candles on the cake? 

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A happy birthday song

Yesterday was Carter’s birthday, he’s 10 years old already, much to everyone’s happiness and astonishment (where did the time go?!). The day was filled with all the usual birthday things: a plastic candle holder that plays “Happy Birthday to You” and a candle to wish upon and presents and cards and even phone calls for the birthday boy.

But what I will remember most about this birthday is how Avery went to the toy box, got out his child-sized guitar, began strumming, and ever so softly, ever so clearly, sang the words “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.” We all watched him, drawn to the sound of his voice, amazed that he had all these words inside of him, that he’d had them all along, that he was sharing them now, perfectly. I looked at Tom, then both of us looked at Carter, who had the biggest smile I’d seen on him all day, a day already filled with big smiles.

I don’t think there will ever be a better birthday present, for any of us. Or a better way to end one year, and begin another.

Happy New Year, from our house to yours!