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Things we love

The days are getting shorter and the air, especially at night, has a new chill to it, which is a long way of saying,  it feels like fall! Things we’re loving at our house right now: French toast with real maple … Continue reading

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An oldie, but a goodie

Today I’m over here, with a short essay I wrote a few years ago. It feels as true today as it did then, perhaps even more-so after Avery’s surgery. I hope it rings true for you, too. Thanks, Louise!

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One of the tricky questions about Down syndrome

And by that I mean:  supplements. Recently a new mom to a baby with DS wrote me and was wondering if the thoughts I shared in my book about supplements, such as Nutrivene-D and others, were the same.   A lot of … Continue reading

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Avery loves to draw circles.  Sometimes, we call them “O”s, sometimes it’s “zeros” but really, they’re all circles, and he’s very good at making them.  When he works, his face tightens with concentration as his little fingers grip the pencil.  … Continue reading

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And now we are 6

This is what six-years-old looks like at our house. And if you’re wondering why there are 12 candles on the cake? 

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Believing in Achieving Conference

My weekend involved, in no particular order: 4 plane flights, a blizzard, an unexpected 2 hour detour on a Glacier Charters bus, a wonky computer, a plastic baby doll in my suitcase as it went through the airport security X-ray, … Continue reading

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We’re home!

Isn’t that amazing?  That such a big thing could be accomplished in such a relatively short time? Avery is sitting on the couch watching Sponge Bob and bossing everyone around (very imperial) and I can’t find words big enough for … Continue reading

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Avery’s heart

Every post I’ve written since this one is about more than whatever I’m writing about: it’s about coming to terms with the recent news we’ve had about Avery’s heart.

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T21 Traveling Afghan

I’m a little bit late in posting this, but in case you haven’t heard, the amazing CJ of Little Miss E has created a fun way to connect families, spread joy, and increase DS awareness.  It’s called the T21 Traveling Afghan, and … Continue reading

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What about sibling relationships?

In the “Ask a question” thread over at the Downsyn.com book discussion, Monica was wondering what I’d noticed regarding the impact of DS on sibling relationships.  I thought the question was an excellent one, and I wanted to share my … Continue reading

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A choice

The post about doctors has gotten me thinking (again) about the words we choose, and how they have the power to shape our feelings about a person, an event, or even a diagnosis. There’s an excellent post up at Bridget’s … Continue reading

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Yes, no and maybe: about doctors

Here’s another comment I wanted to pull out for discussion–this one is from Ellen.

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More about speech

Mylie’s Mom asked these questions in the comments, and I thought they deserved a whole post of their own. She writes: Niksmom said, “Help your child find a way of communicating that is effective and let them develop from there.” … Continue reading

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Avery’s words

From a blog reader: Can I ask you a personal question? Did Avery lose speech he had or did it seem like he was on the way to talking but then got stalled?     You have shared on your blog that he … Continue reading

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Did you receive a prenatal DS diagnosis?

This is a message from Kori Shaw, creator of the Flourish Network for parents: Right now, I am completing my research for the Down Syndrome Affliates in Action (DSAIA) talk. I’ve been doing a benchmark study on what information and … Continue reading

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