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Avery loves to draw circles.  Sometimes, we call them “O”s, sometimes it’s “zeros” but really, they’re all circles, and he’s very good at making them.  When he works, his face tightens with concentration as his little fingers grip the pencil.  … Continue reading

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Lately, Bennett has been giving Tom and me little performances in the evening, usually a combination of dancing and karate moves.  He twirls and then chops the air with the heel of his hand, or bends over and kicks his back leg … Continue reading

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Flotsam and jetsam, or…

in other words, this: you know how, if you go into any house where there’s a toddler, you’ll always find a wicker laundry basket placed discretely behind the couch, or beneath a window, or even left right out in the open; … Continue reading

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Beautiful, beautiful boy…

Go here for an inspiring look at one family’s first 2 years with Down syndrome. Happy Birthday, Lucas!

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The sometimes strange synchronicity of life

Like most of my stories lately, this one is long and a little bit rambling. It involves fall and homeschool and books and reading and even, apples. So here we go: A few days ago Bennett asked me where apples … Continue reading

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Permission to slow down

I received this email from Amelie, who blogs at Lola’s verrückte Welt. She writes: When I learned that Lola, my now 10 month old daughter, had Down syndrome, or at least, when I first had this suspection, on my own, … Continue reading

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