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Leave the light on

Time is pouring out like water from a pitcher, passing through my hands so shiny  and quick.  There are little boys pulling open drawers in the kitchen, asking for toast and milk and apples, and I want to be with them. 

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How did this happen?

This is the longest interval between posts here at Pinwheels since I began scribbling down my notes and thoughts more than 2 years ago.  I want to say I don’t know how this could have happened, but really, I already know … Continue reading

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My words, your words

I came across this computer generated list of words associated with my writing while I was working over at ParentDish. I find it odd, and compelling, and startlingly true.  It’s kind of like reading your horoscope and realizing, Oh!  That’s … Continue reading

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Writing, for me, has always been a way of understanding things—a way of recording the events, to play back to yourself later, when you feel safe enough to look at them closely. Writing is like the TiVo of life.

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Mamas making a difference

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Laura Shumaker’s book,  A Regular Guy:  Growing Up with Autism. a memoir about life with her autistic son, Matthew.  It’s an honest and open look at the struggle to obtain a diagnosis (which is something … Continue reading

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Another book to share!

Stacy and Michelle Tetschner have put together a collection of writing by parents and grandparents about the love and joy children with Down syndrome bring to our lives.  Windows Into Heaven–Stories Celebrating Down Syndrome is just that:  30 personal family recollections … Continue reading

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The sometimes strange synchronicity of life

Like most of my stories lately, this one is long and a little bit rambling. It involves fall and homeschool and books and reading and even, apples. So here we go: A few days ago Bennett asked me where apples … Continue reading

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